Project & ODC Transportation

To create global network , organize the modern technology & movement on standered of security & believe.


An ODC is a cargo where the length, breadth or height is more than the standard container dimension There are specially designed equipments, Trailers with Multi-Axel to carry the ODC. The cargo bigger than these special equipments is moved through specially designed vessels having tons gears or break-bulk vessels. We try and examine for you the possible obstacles and roadblocks that can possibly be analyzed, before your consignment starts its journey to the ultimate destination. Our team examines the route thoroughly to come up with a full fledged feasibility report, which in turn gives us the time to prepare and remove the potential hurdles that come in the way of the smooth transportation of the consignment, thus providing our clients with an efficiency that they have come to admire us for.

Loading and Unloading

Loading an Unloading of project cargo, especially heavy lifts, requires a proper understanding of the cargo, the proper material to be used and careful handling by the loaders. Jai Sai understands the costliness of your shipment and hires the best people to do the job.

Road Surveys

India’s road infrastructure can be tricky. In order to safely transport your cargo, a proper road survey will be done in order to avoid any unexpected bottlenecks during transportation.