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    Lucky Roadways award winning company engaged in transportation business more than 15 Years , with a network of branch offices more..

  • By Road Trans.

    With the investment of long time and dedication, Balaji has built a reliable reputation Within India’s domestic transportation market. With a fleet of vehicles of all types...

  • Project & ODC

    An ODC is a cargo where the length, breadth or height is more than the standard container dimension There are specially designed equipments, Trailers with Multi-Axel to..

Welcome to Lucky Roadways

We at Lucky Roadways are committed to provide professional services to take care of Total Logistics needs of our customers and make them satisfied every time.

The transportation & logistics industry forms the backbone of modern global supply chains. Airlines and airports, shipping companies, logistics service providers and other transportation companies are all part of the process to keep people and products on the move.