Road Transportation

Transport on roads can be roughly grouped into the transportation of goods and transportation of people. In many countries licencing requirements and safety regulations ensure a separation of the two industries.

Road Transportation

With the investment of long time and dedication, Jai Sai has built a reliable reputation Within India’s domestic transportation market. With a fleet of vehicles of all types, small, medium and large, we can accommodate all your transport requirements.Our branch network is there to assist you in every region in India.

Container Movement

  • Lucky Roadways moves more than 100 containers on monthly basis
  • Lucky Roadways can move your Full Truck Load Cargo all over India.
  • Lucky Roadways has developed specific routes all over India to move small cargo loads to give customers flexibility and economic advantage.

32 feet Containerized Vehicles
These trucks are specially designed by Lucky Roadways to provide you with a very cost effective transport solution, leading up to a 20% saving on your transportation costs.

Car Transportation

This custom built vehicle is specially designed for the transportation of Single Premium Cars from your doorstep to destination.

Surface Express

Lucky Roadways provides you with a 24 to 96 hours service between Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore to Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, with real time tracking of vehicle.

Refrigerated Transportation

Lucky Roadways has developed refrigerated transportation service to ensure fresh delivery of for your Fruits, Food, caterers and Vegetables, Pharmaceuticals, Ice Cream etc. The consignment is always sent on the most direct route, with fewest transit stops, thereby minimizing the elapsed time and eliminating unnecessary climatic changes.